About Us

The Handi-Capable Kitchen is a group of friends who all share a passion for cooking. We are out to prove that cooking is for everyone and to provide helpful instructions to others who would like to learn more about cooking. We want to empower individuals through food.


Hunter Robinson

Hi, my name is Hunter Robinson and I’m the leader of the group, the Director, the Head Chef and the funny guy in front of the camera! I am passionate about teaching individuals with disabilities how to cook and being in community events with the Vlog! Thank you for your support!

Kaitlyn Brown

Hey! My name is Kaitlyn Brown and I am the Sous Chef for the Handi-Capable Kitchen. I love to teach people with disabilities how to cook and to attend events in the community as an advocate for others as well as talking about our group. Thanks for visiting today!

Brice Coey

Hi, my name is Brice Coey and I’m the Videographer for the Handi-Capable Kitchen. I have a passion for all things audio, video, and media as well as a passion for advocacy! Thanks for supporting us and stopping by the website!

Brad Parsons

Hi, my name is Brad Parsons and I am the Executive Producer and Photographer at the Handi-Capable Kitchen. My passion and mission for the Vlog is to inspire others who are into photography and to help Kaitlyn and Hunter live out their dreams with the Vlog. Thanks for visiting our channel!

Contact Us

We’d love hearing from our community! Fill out some brief information on ourĀ contact form to reach out and someone from the Handi-Capable Kitchen will get back to you!

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